My 5 worst travel experiences!

As promised, my top 5 worst travelling experiences! I hope you enjoy this one, and I hope its slightly better written than yesterdays Top 5 experiences!

Ps. (pre script, not post script!) I apologise for using the same photo for the feature image!

(Some) People.
I know in my top 5 travel experiences I wrote about how whilst travelling, I’ve made friends for life, but there’s two sides to this coin. There are people travelling out there that I think are complete @#!%’s (If you worked with me, or know anybody on my team, you’ll know what that word should be. If you don’t, get creative! Hehe!)
These are the people who are too loud at all times. The ones who have no consideration for anybody or anything. The type of people who will happily keep their whole hostel room awake because they think it’s “funny”. The type of people that feel the need to leave their shit wherever they were because it’s too far to walk to get to a bin. The ones that cry if they have to carry rubbish for more than 10 seconds.
These people really grind my gears when travelling and I’ve even found myself cleaning up after them because I feel bad for anybody else that would have to do it.
(I used to think the Americans were the worst travellers, but now that I’ve travelled myself, I realise that it’s the British!)

Some of these people… (90% were awesome though!!)


This is an interesting subject for most tourists (Backpackers & tourists are the same thing!) as the usual stop is a hostel, unless you’re doing an all-inclusive holiday, which in that case you want to be in the same spot at all times. There are some absolutely cracking hotels out there in the world, but for me, I can’t seem to find them. I have never had much luck with the hotels I’ve booked whilst travelling (unless I’ve been somewhere and gone into a hotel to ask for a room) as every hotel I book seems to be one million miles from where I need to be. (that’s the last time I book a hotel on Mars!)
The worst example of this was when I went to Venice back in February, I booked a hotel so far away that we had to pay for taxis into the city every day, and that eats your money up an awful lot quicker than you would think!
There’s also the time I booked a hotel in Oslo, and although it was slap bang in the centre of the city, I really didn’t enjoy my stay there. I was alone in what felt like a prison cell. A clean prison cell, but a prison cell none the least, and after staying in the hostel in Bergen, this was a catastrophic let down.
I should let other people book hotels. I didn’t have this problem in Germany…

A very funny looking Venice… #HotelMistakes


Running out of money.
I’m sure every traveller has been in this situation at least once (unless you have mummy and daddy’s credit card), but for me, this was a real low point. It happened to me whilst I was in Venice. If I had been travelling alone, I wouldn’t have cared, but the fact that I was with a friend, and she ended up carrying me was a real kick in the teeth. I pride myself on being good with my money, but I misjudged the whole trip, and ended up running out of money after only a few days (The fact that we had to get taxis from the hotel every day didn’t help!).
I even asked my parents for money, and as a 24 year old (I was in Venice for my 24th birthday!!) this was another kick in the teeth, because it was the first time in my life I have needed to ask anyone for money! (She also said “no” hah)

The day after we got back to the UK, I got payed so I gave Kara her money back (and then had an argument with her, and fell out with my best friend )

What are these crazy coins? Is this lord of the rings?!


This is a pretty ridiculous reason to put on my worst 5 experiences, but it made it here for that exact reason. It’s ridiculous.
I flew from Sweden to Germany with the friend I had gone to meet in Sweden, and when we landed in Berlin, we had to make our way from the Plane Station to the Train Station. An easy task so you would think? Well you’d be wrong (actually you’d be right, but it didn’t run so smoothly for us!)
We asked in the airport which would be the best way to get there, and the woman told us “You can walk its only 5 minutes, or you can get the bus, its only 2 minutes.” Well having our suitcases, we decided that the bus would be the easiest option, and asked her which bus to get. She pointed us in the right direction, but when we got to the bus stop, there were about 10 busses, so I tried to ask somebody working there which bus to get. They “don’t speak English” So I tried asking another person. Same problem. When we did finally find the right bus, we got on expecting to be on there for 2 minutes. 15 minutes later we were still on the bus, having not stopped. I tried to ask the bus driver how far away we were, but again, he didn’t speak English.
The reason this has made it onto my list isn’t the fact that out of about the 10 people I spoke to nobody spoke English. No, the reason is, if you’re going to have people working at and to and from a major airport, surely, they should speak English? It’s the language of trade after all…
It really put me off visiting Berlin again.

This is what Berlin feels like to me now… 😦


Being stuck in one place.
Man, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck is there? This goes for travel and being at ‘home’. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean staying in one place for too long, what I mean is when you’re in one place and you do absolutely nothing. The sort of thing that happens when you’re in a job, or in a house where you’re not happy, but you’re comfortable. It happens in travel too. You find a place with cheap rent, or whatever, and you decide “today, I’m not going to leave” and then the next day comes and you do the same and on and on it goes until finally, it’s time to go home, and you haven’t done anything.
I’m currently experiencing this problem again as I thought it would be a good idea to learn to drive over here in Australia. (Though I really appreciate my sister for putting me up for so long) I am however finding things to do around the local town, and am planning a couple of hiking trips as soon as the school holidays end, and the kids go back to school!

Stuck here for nearly 24 years…

It’s a toss-up between being stuck in one place, and the arguments I have had with friends, but I got stuck in the town I used to live for nearly 24 years, so that’s what I top my list off with!

Have you got any bad travel experiences you’d like to share? Id love to hear that I’m not the only one doing badly at travelling! 😛

This was actually harder to write than my top 5, as I have had so many wonderful experiences that I don’t think of the bad ones!

Mush luffs and I’ll write for you again soon ❤


4 thoughts on “My 5 worst travel experiences!

  1. Haha omg that photo of Venice got me!! That’s a great list – I resonate with it a bit too! Especially with hotels or hostels not being at all near the places you need to be – but they advertise as such, so annoying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s one of the most annoying things right? “10 minutes from the local attractions” but they fail to mention that those 10 minutes are on a train going 100mph!! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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